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Team building tool that raises engagement and is great for customer service teams.

Train your team leaders with LEGO® in this workshop - filled with practical tools, strategies, and activities you need to supercharge employee engagement and performance.

Learn with LEGO®

Bring the dynamism of play into your workplace with 'What The Duck!'. Get in touch with us:

"Let's tap into the unique creativity and energy in the team so that they bring their best to work. This high level of engagement leads to an enduring culture of top performance and excellence."

Denise Meyerson MCI Solutions Managing Director

Introduce play and fun into the workplace.

'What The Duck!' is your fire-starter to move things forward in your own company. In our 1-day workshop, we demonstrate and give you the opportunity to practice facilitating a whole range of activities with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®-based 'What The Duck!' system.

Our session includes different tools that you can use in the following situations:

Learning's are meant to be shared!

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Katie Poray

Human Resources Specialist Woolworths Logistics

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