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Financial Literacy

Microlearning Assets

Our Financial Literacy microlearning course, through plenty of practical activities, helps staff build capability to make informed commercial decisions to the betterment of not only themselves but also their organisations.

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WHY is it important for employees to be financially literate?

  • Everyone in an organisation benefits from understanding financial concepts and products.

  • It enables them to become more aware of financial risks and opportunities across a range of financial contexts.

  • Being more informed about how their job affects the company’s bottom line makes them more profitable.

  • From accountants analysing financial reports, to service specialists helping a customer make an informed choice, to managers being able to work out the true cost of a new technology – all makes an impact.

WHAT can MCI do for you?

  • We can adapt the program to your organisational context to connect participants to their real working environment.There could be numeracy skills required at a higher level that are critical to moving team members from coping skills to being fully productive.

  • We are also able to assist you in making numeracy skills in various roles more explicit.This enables you to track improvements as your team develops their skills.

The program is mapped to the Australian Core Skills Framework and overall reflects Level 3 numeracy –the ability to work through routine tasks that include numeracy skills.

HOW does MCI work with your company requirements?

  • Checks the mapping to ACSF.

Identifies what additional areas your organisation needs in order to improve productivity. Example: Construction might require different skills from financial services.

Adds further content for your team or contextualises content to suit your requirements.

Provides SCORM compliant file, so it’s easy to upload on existing LMS or LXP

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Financial Literacy Microlearning Modules

Module 1 | Performing Mathematical Calculations
1. Performing Accurate Manual Calculations | Tip Sheet
2. Performing Mathematical Calculations | Practice Sheet
3. Using Excel as a Calculator
4. Improving your Focus | Brain Teasers
Module 2 | Calculating Percentages and Interest
1. Simple vs Compound Interest Defined
2. Calculating Percentages 1 | Practice Sheet
3. Calculating Percentages 2 | Practice Sheet
4. Calculating Compound Interest 1 | Customer Scenarios
5. Calculating Compound Interest 2 | Customer Scenarios
6. Calculating Compound Interest 3 | Customer Scenarios
7. Using Excel to Calculate Percentages
8. Using Excel to Calculate Loan Repayments
9. Scientific Calculator Keys and Functions
Module 3 | Creating and Using Budgets
1. The Concept of Budgeting
2. Creating a Personal Budget
3. Managing a Personal Budget | Tip Sheet
4. Using the ASIC Budget Planner
Module 4 | Understanding Financial Statements
1. Financial Reporting Terminology
2. Balance Sheets
3. Profit and Loss Statements
4. Cash Flow Statements

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