Mobile Sales Team Training

Mobile Training and Learning App's can help you win!

Are you confident your sales team can win? Do they have the right training and information when they need it - on the go?

New mobile sales training app's can elevate the performance and efficiency of your sales team.

Helping with on-boarding, general training, sales coaching, reinforcement learning and allow your team to reference important information in seconds..

By using their tool of choice - the mobile - you are already a step ahead.

Micro-bite learning and video training on mobile is available and will be key to coaching your teams to success.

MCI offer mobile app's to help gear your teams into the new mobile learning environment that delivers great ROI and benefits for both the learner and your business.

ACTO is a great mobile learning, training and on-boarding tool.

You can create and deploy content in real time.

Your team can train in minutes and reference when they need it out on the road in seconds.

On- board and induct your new staff quickly on their mobile and by linking training into their daily employee processes to enhance application.

Very easy to scale, customise and focus on the learner.

It can be geared to meet a variety of budget needs.

On mobile you can deliver engaging video and micro-bite learning action packs.

You see results directly as you elevate your staff experience, engagement and learning.

Training and learning that is linked into daily employee processes will enhance application.

Its an evolving program and you can build a deep search knowledge base for learner usability


  • New hire onboarding
  • Product messaging updates
  • Company news and
  • updates
  • Sales team training
  • Customer Training


  • Continuous learning
  • increased new hire speed to proficiency
  • Quickly update and share training content
  • Greater visibility on team engagement and overall performance
  • Ease of use
  • Fast adoption rates

"I can attest that MCI Solutions absolutely deliver on their promise of innovation"

Katie Poray Human Resources
Specialist Woolworths Logistics

Why MCI Solutions?

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We're at the forefront of defining and using innovative unique training methods.


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